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Attract candidates : The distinctive elements to put forward

10 August 2021, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

In this time of labor shortage, recruiting is not easy! If your job postings are not getting noticed and you are struggling to receive applications, there are some things you can do to increase the chances of attracting applicants.

Indeed, as an employer, it is important to put forward the distinctive elements of your position and your company when you are in the recruitment process.

In this article, we’ll present you concrete examples!


What to put in your job offer to attract candidates?

Candidates are becoming more selective and their concerns have changed. Gone are the days when they were jostling at your door to hand you a CV! You must therefore redouble your efforts to attract and receive quality applicants.

When you prepare a job offer, it should highlight your corporate culture, the challenges and benefits of the job, and what makes you an employer of choice. All this while remaining authentic, obviously.

Young (and not so young) people seek, among other things, a good, fair and collaborative work climate, as well as a work-life balance. So put those aspects forward when possible.

Put simply, candidates want to know; “What is it like to work in your company? ”

To attract candidates, your job posting must therefore contain enough detail, without being too long. We recommend that you use a simple and precise job title. Think about the terms candidates will use to find your job in a search engine.

To make sure you have all the important details in your posting, here are the important sections to include : 

  • Short description of your company
  • Job description
  • A few job tasks and responsibilities
  • Required skills
  • Work conditions and other relevant information
  • Salary!

If you present the job in an attractive and realistic way, you will attract candidates who identify with the job and see themselves working within your company. You will also eliminate those who do not see themselves doing the work described. It’s sort of a way of doing a natural pre-selection.


What are the distinctive elements to stand out from the competition?

Whether you like it or not, all employers who recruit at the same time as you are competitors in the recruiting world. While it used to be the employers who asked, “Why should you be hired over someone else?” It is now the candidates who ask the question.

Why work for you, if you offer exactly the same as other companies? So there is no point in focusing on the 2 weeks vacation you are offering, or other generic benefits.

Instead, talk about your team, the work environment, your activities or the way you work … What makes your employees love working for you, and stay with the company?

It is with these points that you will attract candidates.

Think of your job offers as a sales pitch. Use it to convince (without lying obviously). It will also allow you to build a good employer brand.

Get inspired by the “career” sections of companies like GSoft or La Cordée , which have put forward their employer brand, their values and their distinctive elements.


Examples of distinctive elements for your company :

  • Small business where your actions can have a real impact
  • Company committed to innovation and the development of its employees
  • Company promoting work-life balance and the well-being of its employees
  • Casual work environment
  • Modern and ergonomic office spaces
  • Gym, recreation room, etc.

Examples of distinctive elements for your position :

  • Workplace wellness program
  • Autonomy and flexibility of schedule
  • “Right to disconnect” policy
  • Group activities (team building)
  • Career development plan
  • Training and development activities
  • Possibility of profit sharing
  • Management by objectives allowing a good autonomy in your role
  • Possibility to work from home


How to speed up your recruitment process?

If your postings are not getting you the applications you want, you may need to take the next step: active recruiting.

Headhunters typically provide active recruiting services while placement agencies have in-house candidate banks. But no matter the type of external recruiters you hire, they will need information about your business.

Read more about the difference between a headhunting firm and a placement agency. 

A good headhunter will ask specific questions to find the distinctive elements of your job and your company. Indeed, a headhunter is like a representative of your company and it is therefore important that he knows how to present the elements that differentiate you.

By preparing the distinctive elements of your position in advance, you will speed up the external recruitment process.

If you want to prepare before requesting our services, here are some questions we usually ask:

  • What types of projects will the employee be working on?
  • How flexible is the schedule?
  • How would you describe the work atmosphere and the team?
  • Who will the employee be working with? (Supervisors, employees to supervise, etc.)
  • What are the benefits of working for you?

When you use an active recruitment service, the candidates contacted are already employed. You must therefore be able to answer the question: “why should I quit my current job to come and work for you?”

A big question, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Take inspiration from the examples above and answer your recruiter’s or headhunter’s questions honestly. It should help you stand out from the crowd.

What if, despite everything, you tell yourself that your company is too boring to be attractive? Think again! Every business has at least one distinctive point. In addition, candidates generally want to know more about the people behind the business. So just go with simplicity and authenticity.


As a headhunter, Thorens Solutions can help you define the distinctive elements of your position. Contact us!