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7 Ways to Boost Your Employability

13 August 2018, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Nowadays, expecting to hold the same position in the same company throughout one’s career is almost Utopian. You never know when an economic crisis or company’s restructuration will strike, or when a call from a Headhunter will...

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New Essential LinkedIn Option for Passive Candidates

13 November 2017, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Did you know that LinkedIn now allows you to display yourself as a “candidate opened to new opportunities” with recruiters and headhunters while maintaining the confidentiality of your approach with your employer and related companies? Once this...

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Do you find that recruiting costs too much?

05 January 2017, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

To help you get a complete picture of your recruitment costs, Thorens Solutions offers a free calculation grid. On average, three postings are required to fill a position. This can be several hundred dollars in postings and...

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How to Find the Right Employee for Your Company

11 August 2016, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

As a company, you’re bound to hire new employees if you want to keep growing and expanding your business. Other factors like a resignation, termination of employment or parental leave are all reasons to start a new...

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How to Get Noticed by a Headhunter?

30 November 2017, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Are you actively looking for a job or just open to exploring the opportunities that might be available to you? You can obviously visit job postings on a regular basis to keep up to date with the...

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Témoignage client: service de recrutement 360°

02 May 2016, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Trouvez-vous que recruter coûte trop cher et prend trop de temps? Dans cet article, découvrez comment la startup  QuickTask a réussi à combler deux postes stratégiques en moins de trois semaines tout en respectant son budget grâce à...

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How to Discuss Salary Expectations During a Job Interview

17 March 2016, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Discussing salary expectations in interviews is always a tricky task and can leave you feel uncomfortable. The answer you give can have a significant impact on your future. Here are some tips to help you prepare for...

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7 Most Common Reasons Why Employees Quit

01 March 2016, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Retention of labor is a major current issue. In order to increase your chances of keeping your best employees, you should understand the reasons behind them leaving. Many organizations offer compensation structures to attract, retain and motivate...

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11 Things You Should Never Include on Your Resume

17 February 2016, par Équipe Thorens Chasseurs de têtes

Your resume should only showcase the most essential elements related to the position you’re applying to, while being presented as clearly as possible. If you had had extensive experiences in different fields, it can be tempting to...

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