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For over 14 years, Thorens Solutions – Headhunters has supported SMEs and municipalities across Quebec in the recruitment of executives who will occupy strategic positions within their organization. Our vast network and our human centric approach allow us to quickly identify the best leaders in your industry to join and lead your teams.  

SERVICES Beyond the executive search service, our Headhunters offer personalized support, rigorous follow-ups and strategic advice on the market and pay scales. 

APPROACH Our recruiters approach each candidate in a personalized way and emphasize on the job, the challenges and your culture rather than the salary to interest them in your opportunity. 

Case studies – Executive search


Knitting Maxime 

A manufacturing company specializing in the textile industry, since its creation in 1985, Knitting Maxime has forged a strong reputation in North America for the quality of its products. 

Experiencing strong growth for the past few years, they have partnered with us for over 7 mandates in the context of job openings for middle and senior management profiles, as well as technical position or experienced professionals.  

Our headhunters have filled position such as: R&D Director, Purchasing Director, Production Director, Production Supervisor and Controller. 

We were looking for candidates with a turnkey profile, from the manufacturing industry with relevant experience in a similar business context and who, once part of the team, could truly make a difference from their first days of employment.  

In addition to recruiting candidates through headhunting, we supported them by advising them on the typical job profiles that would meet their needs to support their strong growth, as well as on the salary scales corresponding to the targeted positions.  


Micro Bird 

Synonymous with quality, Micro Bird is a company who has been specialized in the manufacturing of buses for over 50 years, in Drummondville. 

They have partnered with us for their recruitment since 2017. We have had the opportunity to work with them on a variety of strategic positions such as Production Director, Internal Sales Director or Quality Supervisor. 

Their location in the Centre-du-Québec region poses a major challenge in term of the scarcity of highly qualified workers in their particular industry. Despite these obstacles, our industries and region knowledge allow us to approach targeted candidates and interest them to their opportunities.  



A food processing cooperative, Citadelle ranks among the largest SMEs in Quebec in terms of turnover and activities. Their maple, cranberry and honey products are exported around the world. 

For over 7 years now, we have supported them in the recruitment of senior management positions in procurement, operations, production, sales, accounting, finance and human resources.  

Every time, the candidates we are looking for must have high-level profiles, sharing values driven by human centered management and pride in their work, which are the hallmarks of the company. They also must be in the right geographic area, which is away from major big cities. 

We are very proud to help this Quebec flagship shine, in our own way and with our expertise in the market. 



Specialized in managing large retirement homes, Chartwell has experienced strong growth for over 20 years.  

We had been mandated to find a General Manager for one of their most prominent residence. The position required a strong involvement in the overall management of the residence, ranging from overseeing care, cooking, budgets, maintenance and sales. 

We found a General Manager with significant experience in senior’ residences, but with a background in administration or finance, and a strong vision focused on the business side. An experience in a unionized environment was also crucial for the position. 


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In two to four weeks, our headhunters could present you with exceptional candidates from your region, with stable career paths and from your industry  

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As headhunters, we regularly recruit:

  • Vice presidents
  • Executive / managing directors
  • CEO / COO / CTO / CFO
  • Sales managers
  • Production managers
  • Operations managers
  • Engineering managers
  • Technical support managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Maintenance and service managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Materials managers
  • Logistics managers
  • Quality managers
  • Administrative services managers
  • Business development managers
  • Quality assurance supervisors
  • Production supervisors


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