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For over 14 years, Thorens Solutions – Headhunters has helped SMEs and municipalities in the Montreal and Quebec in the recruitment of professionals who will occupy strategic positions within their organization. Our expertise covers a variety of areas such as finance, human resources and sales. 

SERVICES Beyond the sourcing of potential candidates, our Headhunters offer personalized support, rigorous follow-ups and strategic advice on the market and pay scales. 

APPROACH Our recruiters approach each candidate in a personalized way and emphasize on the job, the challenges and your culture rather than the salary to interest them in your opportunity. 

Case studies – Recruitment of professionals


Plats du chef 

Founded in Montreal over 35 years ago in the food processing industry, Plats du Chef stands out by the excellence and high quality of its products, which are exported throughout Canada and the United States. 

Among the diverse positions for which we have recruited for them, we were tasked to find a Chief Compliance Officer from the food industry and well versed in US regulations. The candidate also had to have experience with team management in order to manage the department.  

Our excellent knowledge of the market and relationship with a pool of qualitied candidates helped us find their ideal candidate in 2 months.  


Université Laval (Sentinelle Nord) 

Affiliated to the Laval University, Sentinel Nord is a leading organization in the development of new technologies and the environment.  

In line with promoting the reputation of the research program and its activities, they were looking for a Communications Officer. A profile focused on excellent writing and planning skills. 

Despite 3 recruitment rounds to fill the position and over a hundred CVs received, our client was unable to find a suitable candidate during his search. With the scarcity of available profiles, they also had to compose with a salary bracket limited by a unionized environment. Thanks to our expertise we were able to help them fill the position in less than 3 months. 



A hub of activities located in the heart of the Laurentians, the city of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts stands out for the quality of the services offered and the enhancement of its Agathois heritage.  

As part of the city’s development and revitalization project, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts was looking for a Buildings, Parks and Recreational Facilities Coordinator. 

Open for over 6 months, the position had become a major and urgent issue for our client. We were mandated to find a candidate who possessed the qualities in which the profiles already interviewed were lacking. We found a candidate with leadership qualities and experience in managing a team of young employees, with a large volume of part-time and seasonal employees in constant need of training. While also able to establish good working methods on a daily basis and over the long term.  


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In two to four weeks, our headhunters could present you with exceptional candidates from your region, with stable career paths and from your industry.

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As headhunters, we regularly recruit:

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  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Account managers
  • Project managers
  • SQF experts
  • Controllers
  • OHS advisors
  • Human resources advisors
  • Environmental, health and safety coordinators


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